Recommended Equipment
and advice
Some useful things to remember...


Depending on the activities, the equipment will not be the same. Generally, hat, sunglasses and sunscreen are essential.

Wearing a helmet is not always mandatory, but highly recommended, whatever the practiced sport. However, it is mandatory for activities like snowboarding or competition ski, and a back protector or other protection.

If you have any doubt regarding the choice of skis or snowboard, explain when renting for activity you do and the rental shop will help you get the correct equipment. You can also contact the ESF for any additional questions.

For outings on snowshoes or cross-country skiing, think about dressing triple layers: a breathable underlay, a fleece jacket and a windbreaker for example. You can get hot quickly during the activity and cool quickly once you stop.

And Also:

  • Have your lesson card on you to present to the instructor at the beginning of each lesson. This may not be given to another person
  • Be punctual to the start of each lesson - it is important to respect the other members of the lesson
  • The cost of the Lift pass is not included in the price of the lessons. Unless part of a package such as a Beginner package.
  • Courses are 5 or 6 consecutive days.
  • Important : ESF does not insure students, To avoid potential financial problems of an accident, we strongly recommend you get winter sport cover insurance. We recommend Snowrisk.
  • Group alpine ski, nordic ski and Club Piou Piou lessons are assured to take place with a minimum of 5 people. Internships are from 4 people minimum.
  • Weather conditions, breakdowns or other mechanical lift accidents may not be attributable to the ESF. If stopping the lesson is beyond our control, no refund will be made. 
  • The ESF do not accept any liability for property or personal injury that may occur to students.
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