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Frequently Asked Questions
Here are some questions that are frequently asked...
Should I buy a Lift Pass?
Children and Adults al need a Lift Pass. It is FREE for children under 5 years old with proof of age required on purchase. Passes can be purchased at the Lift pass office or in the ESF Office. For Beginners in ski or snowboard, consider taking the "beginner package' to get a discount.
Should we have lessons during the morning, afternoon or the day ?
You know your children - If they still have a nap in the afternoon or perhaps do not like to be rushed in the morning! You choose - see our lesson schedules and select what is best for you or your child. 

Can we attend our child's lesson?
We recommend you don't stay and leave your child safely with us. If you do stay remain 'HIDDEN' as seeing their parents only upsets them and distracts them from learning and getting comfortable on their skis, surroundings and meeting their new friends. The instructor will let you know how your child has progressed and make sure we have your mobile number in case they get very upset, in which case we will contact you.
Is equipment included?
Generally NO, please arrive to lessons with all your equipment. The resort sports rental shops will help you with your equipment needs. For some specialised activities such as snowshoe we do provide the snowshoes. Please enquire at the office if you are unsure.
Does my lesson price include insurance?
No! The ESF does not insure students, we recommend you opt for 'SNOWRISK' which is a specific insurance to cover you in case of accident or illness. You can find out more under insurance or visit the Snowrisk Insurance website.
What happens in the event of interuption or cancellation of my lessons??
Please refer to our general terms and conditions by clicking on the following link: http://esf-lesgets.valraiso.net/cgv
What if I find no lessons available?
Contact us as soon as possible so we can find a suitable arrangement together.
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